Monday, March 17, 2008

An Outing-Part II

Now, to get any type of transport to go anywhere, I must reach Ruby. That was 20 minutes walking and no transport was visible. I blinked at the dazzling sunlight and tried to think a solution. Unable to find one I recounted that famous line

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”

and took the first step. It landed on a broken brick. After cursing that unfortunate brick (it was smashed under my weight) and its maker I started trudging.

After 10 minutes I barely covered 100 meters and was panting like dog. The sun was very benevolent, and finding shadows was harder than finding India winning in football.

After 20 minutes, I covered half the distance and decided that I should take rest if managed to find a shadow. I soon found one under a tree and rushed there. Rushing was not necessary as no one was in sight and the tree was not in any risk of being chopped down before I reach there.

While I should there, I managed to attract the attention of a female. She was looking at me with her bright green-blue eyes.[I know girls die for me and you don’t need to smirk; I appreciate complements].After contemplating for a few moments she decided to come nearer. I stroked her back and she meowed back.

[Now, don’t take it otherwise, but I love cats]

Soon, lorry was passing by. Seeing that and probably sensing that I have nothing to interest her gastronomically (ungrateful females!!!) she jumped on a fence and went away.

I started trudging again. A rickety dog started following me. I suspected that it was a member of anti-Cat Action Team (aCAT) and has probably labeled me as a cat-lover therefore a dog hater.

I discovered a biscuit in my bag from someone’s Tiffin. I decided to bribe the poor creature (if indeed it was from aCAT, it wasn’t very well off).It happily wagged the tail and perhaps forgot to report me.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

An Outing-Part I

It was a hot day. I was sitting in the college, idly as usual, when “THE” idea struck me. As the creative person I am, the idea still seemed like a 440 volt one.

I am going to bunk college.

Now, even the historically challenged readers can also point it out that colleges are being bunked right through its conception. So, what is so special about the idea?

Well, I can just say that I decided to bunk, now I have to find the reasons too. Life is not at all easy!!!

I tried to think some and these jewels came out!!

  1. I have not done anything useful in the first few classes and probably will not do anything useful again in the next classes also.

  1. There was not any practical class. Now, practical classes are useful for the purpose for chatting while playing the mindless game of PINBALL. It was our equivalent of coffee house (sans coffee, of course) where one can indulge in a vigorous session of adda.

[Though to be truthful, the labs are not for adda only. Some humorless, unsympathetic and curtsy less teachers think otherwise and makes it such a place where one cannot play PINBALL]

  1. There were only 17 students present. If I leave, I may influence some others to leave also. That will decrease the population (of class, not India) and may encourage the college to suspend classes.

In fact, this last reason seemed brilliant to me. I congratulated myself for my logical and most brilliant thinking. I was tempted to point these out to anyone who was even remotely interested (there was none) but spied the teacher coming towards our class. So, I had to stop patting my own back and grabbed my bag, got out of the class back door, through the back corridor, by the back staircase and then the back door of the building and finally through the back gate of campus, I emerged on the road. My journey has started.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Experience Uncertainity

Most of my early life i lived in camps.The following that i am going to say is from my personal experience and may not be the general agreement.

The life in camps in more than a life,its actually a culture,so many type of people living at the same place with distinct identites.It makes a melting pot, it's a culture with its own norms and values.
The biggest thing overall the commonalities of their rearing are so powerful ... It's an identity that supersedes almost all others. It cuts across lines of gender, race and class. It shapes us our entire lives through.

These people are shaped by their upbringing. There are numerous commonalities (both positive and negative) that impact them. Because of these factors, they often feel like "outsiders."They often feel like they have no home and never truly fit in with civilians.To put in a nutshell they dont have a sense of belonging to anywhere...atleast for me it is so.

So,its gets kind of difficult to settle in a life anywhere when you dont have that sense of belonging.You always try to find that place ...your place.....and never seem to find it....People never seem to understand you,and unintentionally keep hurting you.

When I was growing up,my life got shaped by uncertainity.There was uncertainity about father's job too.He never knew when he have to go or when he will be at home.In fact it was a favorite game of me and my mother:when father is going to return;nd most of the time he didnt return as predicted!!!!

Changing home so many times,changing schools again and again that many means i never had any steady set of friendz,every time we shifted i had to start from scratch;making frndz agian,moulding myself like them.....assuming a new identity.

So many things happened at short notices,I changed my school and actually completed the later part of the year in another school!!

Too many thaings happened during this time which changed me.

But one thing for certain.....

I survived.

So,I am writing this blog ...not somewhere smoking grass or doing something like that.

P.S. I decided that I am not going to write everything about me;afterall somethings are too personal.The memories which cant be shared,the anecdoted which cant be many things....

It makes me many days much happened....

So,I am just going to review some things and discuss about some other things.Hopefully you will keep faith!!!!

Good bye for now....
Thank you

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Life---an autobiography

“Why are you wasting time on me!! Tomorrow there will be better friends than me, better appreciator of your beauty and your virtues. Why the world should waste time on me!”-Anonymous

[This is MY story. So abandon hope all who reads this]

(What you read on the following pages is true to my personal knowledge, but I can furnish no proof for most of them. So it is advisable to either take everything at face value or consider it as chin-wagging of a crazy person and give no more importance than that)



4th July, 1987. It was the 211th independence day of USA. I am not a US citizen, then why do I care to remember the day! Only because on this unfortunate day Mother Earth was forced to bear the weight of a child, who is know writing this brain-teaser. It was a very sad day. The sky was gloomy & it was raining cats-and-dogs. Suddenly at 4.08 p.m., between the celebrations in a continent, I was born. It was also a celebration day in India. It was between “Rath and Ultarath”, perhaps that is why I am half-mad. If I was born on “Ultarath”, I would be born full-mad.

My father was a pharmacist of BSF. He got a govt. job in East Pakistan at the age of 18. My grandfather was a famous doctor of his village in Barishal, yet his degree was equivalent to today’s MBBS appeared. They have to leave everything behind to move to India as refugees. They came in several groups. My grandfather’s middle son came first, and then came my father. Their elder brother never came and continues to live there. They were the people who are known as 71’s refugees. Both brothers established themselves here & got sarkari jobs.

On the other hand, my mother’s family was 47’s refugees. They were from Dhaka town. My mother’s grandfather was a freedom-fighter. Mainly to escape arrest he came to Calcutta, where his family followed him after independence & lived in much poverty until situation improved.

So, I am a son of an immigrant and refugee family. These families have something very common between them; they all know they have neither the financial capability nor the social status to help their wards to establish. So they lay great emphasis on education. Normally these people are very gentle & law-abiding, perhaps not to outrage the country which helped them.

These people, who are called “Bangal”, have a tremendous competition with “Ghati”, who are the original residents of West Bengal.

My Life---an autobiography

Hallo friends.
Sorry for the long absence,actually i was searching for answers...questions were a so much ,answers none.So,I just took a break and tried to find my inner demons.Things of which I was frightened ,things I couldn't face,things I....well.....probably you all know the feelings .

So I decided to review my whole life..the result is an autobiography.
Now ,as in all autobiography...I wont be telling all the truths.....but most will be written from heart
You have to take them at face value.......with tongue firmly in cheek....
So,lets get started......
As the announcer announces........