Friday, July 4, 2008

SOme Questions

When I first started writing this blog,I thought I would steer clear of any political topics. But living in modern India and staying clear of politics is very difficult. The topic of this post came to me quite accidentally. I was doing my usual bit of useless surfing, when I came across some articles, ranging from recent to 50-60 years old. Thus came the topic. I don’t want to prove anything by raising these points. But just a nagging feeling.......hope you won’t feel discouraged.

CPI(M) is Indian's one of the few national parties. The following points are some questions raised from time to time against them.

1. Quit India Movement-1942

The communists were opposing the British rule with the rest of the country. Then USSR joined WWII in alliance with the British and asked the communists to support British rule. Overnight Indian communists turned from anti-British to pro-British. The CPI provided names and addresses of revolutionaries to the British. People were hanged. The CPI opposed the Quit India movement because the Soviets asked them to. Independence of India wasn't important to them.

2.1962 India-China war

This was probably the best example of Indian communist's mentality. China attacked India unprovoked and killed Indian soldiers. They also occupied Indian territory in Kashmir and NEFA (modern Arunachal Pradesh).Due to stupidity of Indian Prime Minister (J.L.Neheru) and Defense Minister (K.Menon) the Chinese could advance unchallenged. The communists who have earlier said "China's chairman is our chairman”, this time openly supported China. Jyoti Basu was quite vocal about his support to Chinese policy of "to teach India a lesson”. Communist Russia refused to help India ("India is our friend, but Red China is our brother").Finally US Air Force helped India to airlift Indian Army to the forward bases. The US applied massive pressure on Pakistan to not take advantage of the situation and attack India.

3.1998 Pokhran Nuclear experiment

As usual CPI (M) opposed India becoming a nuclear power. Being a democracy they have full right to oppose anything they dislike. But the point is that, the reasons shown by them were exactly the same as the reasons shown by China in opposing the nuclear experiment. CPI(M) is not bothered about security or power of India, they are only bothered about China.

4.As Pakistan is a Chinese ally CPI(M) very rarely say anything against Pakistan. In fact they never say anything against Pakistan sponsored terrorism in India.

5. Today,

China endeavors to keep India out as an economic competitor. They encourage and command the CPI-M to oppose reform in India, and the CPI-M complies. Yechuri recently went to China (from Xinhua) and came back basically saying FDI was not the way (I'll find a link to this - it was in multiple papers) - ironic given China's own FDI-heavy approach. They oppose the same Multinationals in India that China welcomes with open arms.

Not only these, every time the communists oppose something they give same reasons as the Chinese do.

In such circumstances it will be better if the Communist Party of India changes its name to Communist Party of China based in India.

I am waiting for your comments.