Monday, February 25, 2008

Speed Calculation:division,cont.

So,we would be concluding our journey of division as for now.

So,we saw that 11 and 9 have a common property in division,so have 16 and 6.Did you notice a thing?When multiplied they come to near 100.Right!!!
Nearer 100 ,more accurate the result is.So
for 100 we get pairs as 20&5;25&4;50&2;You can see any number divided by a number will result in the multiplication by the other number of the pair.For 100 we get the perfect result.
For 99 we get 11&9........we already saw,they give fairly accurate answer.
For 98 we get 14&7;49&2...we checked by 14 and 2 earlier...its quite accurate.So is 49 &2
For 97....ummm.........unfortunately ..its a prime number...
For 96 we get 16&6;48&2;24&4;12&8;...we checked by 16&6....the error gets quite hight;its only correct to a single decimal place.So,the error starts to get picked up.
If you go on further the error will be picking up so the result will be not so accurate,but it will be still workable....

So,keep this small thing in mind and sail through the calculations.
"Nearer the 100;more accurate" and "division by one number results in multiplication by the other number of the pair"