Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Browsing browsers

Last month have been hectic for me.I blogged too much,surfed too much,watched too much movie,slept too much.Now I am out of ideas. So, I thought why not use the things that wasted my time that much.So, I am going to write about the browsers that I discovered during this period.
First I must give the specifications of my machine.
Its a 6 year old P4,192M
B RAM,40 GB HDD computer running Windows Xp SP2.And being true to a guy mentality I am going to compare them with girls.

Lets start with the default browser.
Internet Explorer 6

Its the default browser of Windows.Much abused and the last fall back.Its like house maid.They are inefficient,security threat,lazy,a burden but very strong.Any user knows IE6 can and will probably break down at every inopportune moment,but they are indispensable.Not much to write about it.77% of user use it.Its steadily declining though,from 95% in 2002.Still its the primary browser.Probably because most people donot bother to install another browser.They use what they get.So,be assured IE6 is not going to die soon.

Internet Explorer 7

I don't know what possessed Microsoft to make this Dinosaur.Its like a good looking and lazier maid.Thats all.Its security is better(they claim,you won't understand it).Speed is slow definitely,despite whatever they say.In short.it is worse than IE6.


One of my best friends put it best.Safari is like a good looking girl on your way who deserves a second look.Nothing more.Its fabulously good looking.Pretty fast,efficient.The new version is stable and most importantly it comes from stable of Apple.So,service is going to be excellent.Still it doesn't score much with me.Why?Simply because it is not much customizable.Just some limited options.You can't bend it to your will.After all,every beautiful woman can't be a good partner.


This one is the most beautiful,gorgeous,stylish and efficient.In other words.....perfect.Its has innumerable features,faster than most,excellent service,breathtakingly beautiful.It has inbuilt torrent tracker,downloader,voice identifying property,256 bit encryption for security and what not.No other browser has so much features and so much efficient.It only has one small problem,Orkut doesn't load very fast.And most of the sites cant keep up with its security features.So,you have to keep them disable mostly.Debankar,the great computer-wizard,put it best(again,as usual) its only good for some extra marital(surfing) affairs.But if you can keep up with it,go ahead.Its the best.


This thing scores where Opera can't.Its a social networking web-browser(never heard about them,may be they will come up with a youtube viewing web browser next).Its pretty useless.Yes,thats right.Its useless,unless you happen to be that type of person who have 300 friends on on net and remains 10 hours online a day.It uploads pictures fast and some necessary accessories for social networking sites.My advice:you can definitely try it.you have nothing to lose.Oh,I forgot.Its basically a modified Firefox.


Its the best if you are ready to change.Biggest competitor of IE.Its interface is easy.totally flexible.Its freeware,so you can develop new add-ons for it.Its fast,efficient,flexible,doesn't grumble much.With add-ons it can be made to look beautiful.Moreover its quite homely.Everything a wife should be.Its got 17% users using it and its growing.The biggest strength lies it in flexibility.You can do whatever you want to do with it.The only problem is that it takes ages to start and sometimes it just crashes.Otherwise an excellent choice.My personal favorite.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I was thinking about writing about this for a long time. It is about those friends who are girl but not girlfriends. I have been blessed enough to have such terrific friends that it would be gross injustice to not to write about them.

The first thing that sprang to mind is “impossible”. Yes, they are indeed so. Impossible and unreasonable. And nice enough to make you bend to their weird wills and impossible demands.

But, well, world would not have been same without these impossible and unreasonable women. Life not only would have been dull but difficult too. Just imagine a day with no one to irritate or no one to chew brains and most importantly, no one to pour your heart out.

Yes, these are the friends who will be the first to find your fault and the last to criticize you. They will get irritated by your skirt-chasing and then will point out the better ones. First to console in your grief and first to rejoice your happiness. Encouraging you to go on despite failure and always keeping faith on you even when you yourself do not. Most importantly, they will make you realize that you don’t need to be perfect.

On the other hand you will have to face their sudden mood-swings, very weird sense of humor (the most inappropriate things seems funny to them). At times, they can be more difficult than babies, refusing to heed anything.

But still, they are those great friends whom you can trust with your life and come out alive too, a great blessing in the competition-centric world of today. If you don’t have such a girl friend you will probably never understand what I mean. And if you have one……………………..well…………..I don’t need to explain anything then.

Waiting for your responses to this topic. I really want to know what you think about it and especially girls view-point.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My fables

Once upon a time a man was walking on a road beside a pond in a deserted forest.Suddenly a frog called upon him "kiss me and I will transform into a beautiful princess".

The man turned around and looked at the frog.He couldn't believe his eyes.The frog again said "Please kiss me and make me a beautiful princess".

The man came forward and took the frog in his hand.then he stuffed it in his pocket and started walking.The frog cried out from his pocket"aren't you going to kiss me?"

The man replied
"I am an engineer.I don't have time for a girlfriend,but a talking frog is cool".

Engineers are like this.So, girls please beware of them.In any case he can easily leave you for a Intel Quad-core Macbook pro.You can never hope to match its performance.