Thursday, January 15, 2009

50 day's itch!

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Its been 50 days now! 300 people died, its just a number now. Too much water passed by marine drive since then, nothing happened to those plotted the biggest and drastic attack on Indian soil.

"Some philosophize in poetry. Some vituperate in words. Some candle in silence, some parade in demonstration. Some brood eventualities, some vocalize in visual. Some conference on strategy, some indulge in exploit. Some weep at loss, some weep at sympathy. Some courage in reconstruction, some repair in caution.

And some… sitting far, or within us, twitter and chuckle on the completion of a dastardly action…!!!"     -Amitabh Bachchan


Too much has already been said about it, every angel probed and dissected and wrung dry to feed the public knowledge. Every celebrity, politician, self-styled expert worth his or salt commented and gave opinion whether anyone wanted it or not.

Internationally it created a ripple as many foreigners died (it’s a fact, nobody cares when Indians die, not even Indian Govt.).Pakistan as usual denied everything and started to issue war threat, which the world particularly USA can not afford now.

So, that leaves us the simple and straight question: where do we get from here?

It’s been umpteenth time that such an attack occurred, nothing has been done about. As usual we adapted with it. People die, politicians thunder, security is briefed for a few days…after that….everything back to square one.

Just how long will this go on? A federal police force was formed after so many years of discussion and gain it has been derailed. Pakistan Govt. has simply refused to pay heed. Security is again limping back to normal i.e. casual state. All are waiting for the next attack after that things will happen in the same order.

What are our options, you might ask. Well, you don’t have to look far. Look at Israel or if you can without snickering look at USA. After 9/11 USA didn’t sat back and licked its wounds and indulged in diplomacy. It launched a counter-attack. The result is clear; USA has suffered no terrorist attack on its soil in last 7 years.

Tough times call for tough measures. Just ask yourself what would you prefer: 5 dead suspected terrorists or 100 dead innocent citizens? The choice is yours.

The world rule is quite unambiguous, blast or get blasted.

Our neighbor is a soon-to-be-failed state with nuclear power, when it fails whoever comes to power won’t wait to blast us! It’s a choice we have to make now for our safe future.