Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Solution to end the Babri problem

Dear friends, I have found the perfect solution to the Babri masjid-Ram Janmabhumi issue. Before I present you the solution I must warn you about unintended consequences of uncontrollable shock and would also strongly advise to remove all fragile things away from your vicinity, after all computer monitors are not made of Kevlar ...yet!!

My solution is presented the following format
1. Call representatives of both the affected communities to a field.
2. Call for a toss.
3. Who ever wins gets the first right to build their worship place by a government agency i.e. Common Wealth Games Organizing Committee(CWG OrgCo) under the glorious and magnificent leadership of Mr. Suresh Kalmadi.
4. CWG OrgCo will bring their all the finely honed expertise from the construction of infrastructure for CWG.
5. As just seen from the ongoing projects of CWG which are awarded to various contractors as judged suitable by the OrgCo, this structure of the toss-winning community's will also fall down within 3months or when it rains or dog barks or monkey jumps on the roof,whichever is earliar.
6. When step 5 happens the other community can start building their structure by following step 3 to step 5.
7. If the structure doesn't fall-down withing the stipulated time the concerned contractor will have to put actual cement instead of sand in all the other contracts he is awarded.
8. Step 3 to step 7 will keep on repeating until the country runs out of money or tax payers stop earning to protest (since it is impossible to stop paying taxes)

This path will surely help us to reach a stable and safe country where all people can pay there pay their taxes and see that their favourite god's abode is being raised every 3 months!!

Whaddya say?

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